Zarah Cinarli
I'm a Visual Designer who strives to tell stories through design
Finding the Brand: I

Agency way of Life

This was the re-branding of the first agency that I worked for. For their 10th anniversary they decided that a new look and feel was the appropriate thing moving forward, based on their own growth and the kind of customers they wanted to attract.

Finding the Brand: I

Finding the Brand: I

As a team we worked very closely together to find a name and a vibe for the agency. I was tasked with creating the whole brand experience from a design perspective. I've always been a big on learning from the masters in your field and that surround you. Being very green at the time I pulled together different master designers from different sections of the field to gain knowledge on how to find the logo, present to a broad team and so much much more!


Creating numerous mood-boards for key decision makers was vital in finding the brand, so that we could continuously fine tune the key elements.

Finding the Brand: II

Finding the Brand: II

As we narrowed the down of search for what we wanted the agency to could be, there was one thing outside of work that stuck with me. I saw an interview with Karl Lagerfeld for the Chanel mid-season collection, where he discussed the timelessness of the brand. All of the fundamental elements of the brand like the use of pearls, certain fabrics, logo-mark, logo-type, etc. could be adapted to any vision he had.

With this idea in mind, I was on a mission to create a brand that can adapt through the different trends in the industry and still be cutting edge.

German lessons: there is a saying in Germany that translates something like "being of format" which basically means a minimalist lifestyle. This is where the name Format D comes from, living a life of minimalist, clean design.

Going back to basics was an intuitive step forward with Karl and new agency name on my side. I knew the logo had to be simple with a beautiful strong typeface that could stand on it's own. You can see both (full name or simply the FD) variations of the logo throughout the experience. Visually it was important to keep to design basics as well so the color scheme was based upon the CYMK color pallet and all iconography was meant to use the basic shapes of design, like: line, circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. From these basic elements we continuously expanded the brand to make it a full-bodied experience.